Robert J. DeRosa Executive Speechwriter Rochester, NY
My company is all about discovering and delivering ideas that power growth. That means I recognize great ideas and great talent. Bob is at heart an idea man with an extraordinary flair for creating speeches that are intelligent, authentic and motivating. He is a valuable part of our team.
- Kathy Palokoff, Founder and CEO, CUSTOMERicity



  • Full-service speechwriting for any occasion
    • Keynote addresses
    • Internal and external presentations
    • Talking points for panel discussions
    • Editing/adapting (turning what’s written to be read, into what’s written to be heard—there’s a dramatic difference)
    • Dinner comments
    • Tributes & eulogies
    • Commencement addresses or other inspirational speeches

  • Visual presentations for speaker support

  • Video, audio, live-event scripting

  • Presentation coaching

  • PR: Media visibility around your speech

  • Speaking-opportunity research

Robert J. DeRosa Executive Speechwriter Rochester, NY