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Every speech or presentation places you center-stage, before an important audience, real-time.

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The right words enhance your credibility and give your audience reasons to like you—and, by extension, to like your organization.

You can warm up a cold market, calm jangled nerves, open new opportunities, close a sale.

For maximum impact, the words must be interesting and memorable, the visuals compelling.

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Speechwriting: Speaking to Be Heard and Understood
May 6, 2009
By Robert J. DeRosa

The words “speech” and “talk” can be used interchangeably for a reason: A speaker should always sound as if he or she is talking to the audience rather than reading a script.

A smart guy like Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke should know that. But in his April 14, 2009, speech at Morehead College, he inflicted the following muddled statement upon his audience (one of many such sentences he spoke that day): Read more...

Robert J. DeRosa Executive Speechwriter Rochester, NY
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